Siberian Cat

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

The Siberian may be a relatively new breed in the United States, but these cats have a long history in Asia and Europe. Like with so many other cat breeds, the origin of the Siberian remains a mystery as well as how and when the cat arrived in Siberia and later Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the most widespread theories is that the breed found its way to Siberia with Russian emigrants, but no one can say for sure whether this is true or not. Whatever the case, the Siberian adapted to the cold Siberian climate, developing long hair that made it possible for the breed to live in those harsh conditions.

It’s also important to note that this breed is one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world (males range between 17 and 26 pounds while females between 13 and 17) and their size must have contributed to their survival in Siberia. The Siberian then reached Europe and was mentioned in Harrison Weir’s 19th-century book Our Cats and All About Them as one of the three long-haired breeds that were shown at the first cat show, which was held in England in the 1700s.


The Siberian cat is an energetic breed that loves to goof around with their humans. Though they are independent cats and easily find ways to entertain themselves, they form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy spending quality time with them. Siberians are not the most obedient of cats, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn some commands. However, cats as they are, they might want to have things their way more often than not. That being said, they are surprisingly well-behaved in front of kids and other pets, perceiving them as beloved friends and playmates. One thing that’s especially interesting about Siberians is that they are somewhat fascinated with water.

They will often spend a lot of time looking at water or dropping objects into the sink or bathtub. Last but not least, don’t let their long coat fool you: they are not that difficult to groom and they are exceptional jumpers, even though you may think that they are chubby creatures who don’t like to move around. All in all, Siberian cats are spirited, affectionate companions that will be an amazing addition to any family.