Here’s Why One Humane Society Is Sending Stray Cats To Prison


A new approach for stray cats has been suggested by the Kitsap Humane Society – sending them to prison. Apparently, inmates at the Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women have been given the task of rehabilitating ten stray cats until the animals are ready to be adopted.

There’s just one condition: the chosen inmates must be free of infractions for the past six months and not be guilty of violent crimes toward animals or children. The women charged with raising the felines say that the experience benefits them a lot. Inmate Cydney Berthel says it’s a ‘win-win’ situation – they’re rehabilitating both the cats and in a way, themselves.

Working with the cats has been therapeutic for the inmates, Berthel claims, and it’s taught them to be more empathic and compassionate toward living beings, which is something they weren’t used to in their past lives. Shauna Teagle, who is also doing time at the facility, claims that tending to the cats will help her be a better mother once she leaves prison.