Here’s How Much Cats Really Sleep


Cat people have surely noticed by now that their precious furry pets spend most of their time sleeping – there are but a few other animals in the animal kingdom that sleep more than felines, and there’s a good reason for this behavior.

Predators as they are, cats have been chasing their prey for thousands of years, and in order to catch something nice to eat, they simply have to have the energy to successfully hunt. In other words, cats sleep so much to save up the strength to catch their next meal.

It’s also important to note that, although felines spend more than two-thirds of their lives napping, they are never as unconscious as humans during sleep – they just have to be on the alert at all times to stay safe.

So, how much sleep does an average cat really need?

Similar to their wild cousins, domesticated cats sleep somewhere between 12 and 18 hours a day, with newborns sleeping through almost the entire day.

Even though we may not understand why our cats behave the way they do, especially since they are served delicious food every day and don’t need to hunt, the truth is that just because their surroundings have changed doesn’t mean their instincts should.