Cat Plays Dead To Outsmart Dog Frenemy


Despite the overwhelming number of videos that show amazing friendships between cats and dogs, these two species still don’t completely trust each other, especially when they find themselves in the great outdoors. Smaller than dogs, cats have every reason to be suspicious of dogs.

However, they have been frenemies for a long time now and it doesn’t come as a surprise that some felines have come up with ingenious ways to trick pooches. The super smart cat in the video below has discovered that the best way to avoid a ‘brawl’ with her ‘enemy’ is to simply play dead.

The dog is obviously confused and even looks sad because the cat appears lifeless, but things change in a matter of seconds. The cat lifts her head, realizes that the dog is still looking at her and then we get to see a cartoon-like chase in real life. Check out this awesome clip here: