Brilliant Musician Works With Scientists To Create Music For Your Cat


Many cat owners leave their playlist or radio on for their cats to listen to while they are home alone, thinking that their kitties will learn to share their musical tastes. What they don’t know is that cats perceive sounds differently than humans, which means that they might not hear the musical quality in the tracks that we listen to since they were written for human ears.

That’s why David Teie, who is a soloist for the National Symphony Orchestra, has been working together with scientists to create “Music for Cats,” a series of musical tracks composed and designed for the ears of cats. Some of these pieces feature high-pitched sounds similar to the chirps of birds and fast-paced staccato while others are full of slow, purring crescendos that are meant to relax your kitty.

You can listen to some of this kitty music in the video below. A Kickstarter campaign has been initiated with the goal of raising $20,000 to produce a full album of these kinds of “songs.” The album will include about six 10-minute-long pieces, with periods of silence in between them.