Abyssinian Cat

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

The Abyssinian cat is yet another breed whose origins remain a mystery. Like with many other cat breeds, there are several stories that explain how the Abyssinian came to existence and the most popular account is the one that says that the cat is a direct descendant of the worshipped Egyptian cats.

Keep in mind that these sacred cats lived 4000 years ago and though the Abyssinian breed bears an uncanny resemblance to those Egyptian felines depicted in Egyptian murals, they also look like the African wildcat, the forefather of all domestic cats. On the other hand, there are speculations that the breed died out and that British breeders recreated the breed in the 20th century. Whatever the case, the Abyssinian is here and they are here to stay.


The Abyssinian is a cat with a lot of personality. They are not suitable pets for people who want a lazy, quiet cat since they are one of the most energetic cat breeds in the world, which means that they especially enjoy playtime. Of course, like many other cats, they are perfectly fine on their own and can play alone for hours, but the truth is that the Abyssinian is happiest when involved in the lives of their humans. What’s more, they really love their people and will perform all sorts of antics to make them proud and cheerful.

They are, in fact, often considered the clowns of the cat world, meaning they are really playful and want to be the center of attention. The Abyssinian breed likes to cuddle, sit on laps and explore the household, which usually includes jumping to and from furniture, hiding under blankets and inspecting all corners and boxes. One thing’s for sure, when you are the proud owner of the Abyssinian, you will never, ever be bored with your high-spirited cat. Plus, they truly are amazing companions that will put a smile on your face every single day.