5 Cat-Taught Hacks For Beating Stress



Stress can be incredibly bad for your health – in fact some experts believe it can be just as bad as second-hand smoking or consuming medium to large amounts of alcohol. Everyone should find a way to relieve themselves from stress, and cats are here to teach us exactly how to do it. You may have noticed that cats are relatively stress-free most of the time, and we could learn a thing or two from them – here’s a few short tips to get you started:

Take ‘catnaps’
While cats sleep at least 15 hours a day on average, humans can rarely afford the luxury. That’s why you should try and have these power naps and trust us – they will do wonders to both your body and mind.

Enjoy your physical activities
Don’t lift weighs or do chin-ups if your aim is not to bulk up. Try to keep your physical activity at a level you’ll feel comfortable with. If you enjoy a nice walk, take a stroll across the neighborhood, or do some yoga if you don’t feel like going out.

Leave some time for yourself
Cats love their private moments, and they often hide from everyone’s sight to do just that – enjoy their time spent alone. Dedicating your time to only yourself has a lot of physical and mental benefits.

Bathe in that vitamin D
If you ever wondered why cats love spending hours under sun’s rays on your window, it’s because it helps them stay warm and boosts their metabolism. It’s also a rich source of vitamin D, so either take some time to sunbathe or eat foods rich in vitamin D.

 Express your happiness
Cats purr. You, on the other hand, can laugh, smile, or even purr if you feel like it. Relieve tension by finding ways to laugh and smile in doing small things, like massaging, a good cuddling session or taking a bubble bath.