21 Celebrity Cat Lovers


Being head over heals in love with cats is not something that’s reserved for us regular folk. In fact, there are tons of celebrities who are cat-obsessed as well.

Here are some Holywood’s most prominent fans of the feline species.


Taylor Swift makes headlines almost every day but a couple of months ago her cat Meredith got her five minutes of glory too. Meredith and Taylor appeared together in a YouTube video to promote her nomination for the Entertainer of the Year American Country Music Award. Of course, it was adorable.

Meredith, whose full name is Meredith Grey (after, you guessed it, the main character on Grey’s Anatomy) is not Swift’s only cat. The singer also has a cat named Olivia Benson, after the character from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Apparently, Swift passes most of her free time watching quality television. And who can blame her – both Meredith and Olivia are great, complex female characters.

And those who follow Taylor Swift on social media, especially her Twitter account, already know that the singer has a great affection for her feline friends. Pretty much every other picture she posts features them in some adorable situation.



We first came to know and love the handsome Ian Somerhalder back when he was on Lost. His character, unfortunately, didn’t last long but luckily for us, he was back soon as the heartthrob vampire Damon on The Vampire Diaries.

Unlike Damon, Ian in real life is a major sweetie who has a tremendous love and appreciation for animals and supports various animal shelters. Ian has three cats living in his home in Atlanta.

One of them is actually a feral cat from Hawaii who, allegedly, grew up in the jungle, the second one was rescued from Canada and the third one was rescued from a New York City dungeon. The actor is very active as an animal rescue supporter and not just on paper – he is always finding people who would adopt a rescued animal and, of course, he has rescued a few of them on his own.



If you only know Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network¸ you probably see him as a cold, insensitive guy who has very limited affection even for people, let alone for animals. However, this is an unfair perception since in reality Eisenberg couldn’t be further from that image.

The actor is actually a very passionate advocate of animal shelters and has fostered a number of cats in need of love and care. Eisenberg also became the spokesperson for the Washington Animal Rescue League, filming a PSA in which he asks the public to accept cats in need into their homes and to help the League through donations.

He also spoke at the New Yorker Festival on behalf of “Team Cats” alongside his cat and, in his words, his best friend, Mr. Trunkles. If this is not a definitive reason to fall completely in love with Mr. Eisenberg, on top of his acting merits, of course, we don’t know what is.



You’d think that a weirdo like Cher would have way more exotic pets than just regular cats. Snakes maybe, to match her outfits, or tiny little monkeys to sit on her shoulder, or at least a hairless Chinese Crested dog. But the truth is Cher is a regular person just like the rest of us, and she simply loves cats.

Judging from her Instagram and Twitter feeds, Cher is absolutely in love with her cat Mr. Big. And we get her – that cat is crazy cute. And she loves to show him around, so the public got to know him too. When Mr. Big fell ill a few years back, it was international news and the whole world united in hope and prayer for Cher’s furry little companion.

Still, we can’t help but wonder how does something so ordinary as having a cat whose pictures you post online every chance you get fit into Cher’s image and persona? She was never perceived as “regular people, “ she was always far too eccentric for that. But it’s good to know that even eccentric pop legends are regular people, just like us.



Nicole Richie, who first rose to prominence as Paris Hilton’s bff on Simple Life, is one of those celebrities you’re never sure what they’re famous for. Her merits, however, are not our topic today – today is all about cats and Nicole Richie made our list because of her lovely feline companions named Gypsy and Tabby.

Gypsy is a kind of cat you’d expect a socialite like Richie to own – a fancy Abyssinian that requires tons of special care and a lot of money to maintain healthy and pretty. However, Nicole seems to have a soft spot for cats since she also owns a plain, ordinary LA stray cat, which she rescued from the street.

Both Gypsy and Tabby share Nicole’s Los Angeles home and go everywhere with her. A few years back, one of her cats made the news after falling down from the 10th floor right on the ground. Richie immediately took him to the vet and the cat fortunately survived with only one broken leg.


6. KE$HA

Some of you may be surprised to read that Ke$ha, the eccentric pop star known for her catchy tunes like Tik Tok and Die Young, as well as for her colourful hair and bizarre outfits, is actually the first ever Global Ambassador for the Humane Society. She has lately toned down her appearance, maybe to appear more serious and trustworthy at her new position as the Global Ambassador.

Ke$ha is apparently highly involved in animal rights and, when it comes to cats, owns two – Mr. Peep$ and Mr. Fluffy Pants. Her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with pictures of her little feline companions and she also frequently posts other cat-related content and pics.

Not just that – her cat Mr. Peep$ even has his own Twitter page! We’re pretty sure that Ke$ha herself manages that page. She probably wouldn’t trust anyone else with the delicate task of representing her beloved kitty.



Katy Perry is the kind of girl who does pretty much everything in an over-the-top manner. This applies to her affection for cats, too. Generally ecstatic about most things she talks about, Perry once said that she loved cats so much it’s actually an obsession, adding that she wants to make the “cat lady” thing cool again.

Not sure it was ever cool to begin with, but we’ll see what she can make of it. The self-professed cat-lady has two felines, one of which is rather egotistically named Kitty Purry and the other is simply called Krusty.

Perry says that in many ways she is a lot like a cat herself. For instance, with cats, you have to earn their affection and trust. She feels the same way about herself – someone you have to work hard to earn their affection, but once you do, once they give it, is so good.



Evan Rachel Wood has a reputation as a sort of an alternative, dark, badass heroine, one that she has confirmed not only with her roles in movies like Thirteen( for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe) and shows like True Blood, but also with her on and off relationship with Marilyn Manson.

The two were a perfect pair, or at least it looked like that until they broke up in 2008. After the breakup, Wood said she was going to take a break from relationships for a while but that there is a new boy in her life – a boy cat, which she named Nicodemus.

Nicodemus goes everywhere with Wood and follows her on her trips. We know this because there are so many pictures of him on Wood’s Twitter page. Now, some may think that cats are too plain and cuddly for someone like Evan Rachel Wood, but remember that cats also have a dark side, so this match actually makes a lot of sense.



Those who follow Hilary Swank’s career are probably already aware that she is a silent, but vehement protector of animal rights. She appeared in several campaigns to raise money for animal shelters, hosted programs promoting the principles of animal rescue, and allegedly, even secretly paying vet bills for people who can’t afford to make the bill for their pet.

Finally, she recently started her own Hilaroo Foundation that brings together animals in need of care and disadvantaged youth, two groups that are highly vulnerable and in need of care and love. She has also recently been awarded the Compassion Award by ASPCA, alongside Edie Falco.

Hilary Swank has several rescued dogs living in her home, but she is also a major cat lover. She often poses for pictures with her cat Tallinn and the sources close to her say she always has more than just one feline buddy roaming around the house.



Those who know Eva Longoria were not surprised when she accepted the proposal to be the face of Sheba cat food’s Feed Your Passion campaign back in 2013. Longoria grew up around cats and has always had a deep affection for them.
In an interview she gave a few years back, Longoria said her first contact with cats was when she was a child and her family adopted a stray. Ever since then, she always felt a strong connection with cats and was a “pretty passionate” cat lover.

Adding that it’s a shame cat people get such a bad reputation, she confessed to being one herself. According to Longoria, cats are a lot like women – they are independent but playful and can see right through you. Another thing she has in common with cats is that she too loves taking a nap in the sun.



In 2010 Kim Kardashian did a photo shoot after which she posted a pic of herself holding a cat by the scruff of his neck. The cat looked uncomfortable and there was, of course, a huge backlash among the online community. Even PETA expressed come concerns over the way she was holding the little guy.

Kim said that she is nothing if not an animal lover and that a vet and the cat’s owner were on the set and showed her how to hold him. Two years later, Kim proved to be a bona fide cat lover after she got a cat named Mercy as a gift from Kanye.

She took Mercy with her everywhere she went but after a while the two had to part ways because Kim was no longer able to stand the allergy she was getting from the kitten. She gave the cat to Khloe’s assistant. Unfortunately, several months later the cat died from the complications of a fatal virus. Kim was absolutely devastated, as she wrote on her blog.



The star of the Underworld franchise, Van Helsing and the Total Recall remake seems like a badass, at least judging from her roles, and she probably is, but even tough girls like her have a soft side, don’t they? And her soft side are, apparently, cats.

The English actress didn’t really publicize her love for cats but it became apparent in 2008, when a tragedy almost occurred and her cat nearly escaped death. Beckinsale was getting ready for the Screen Actors Guild Awards when her cat Clive caught fire on a lighted candle.

Cat hair burns very quickly and poor Clive was in flames in a matter of milliseconds. Beckinsale was fortunately quick to react and she put the fire out and saved the poor little Clive from horrible death. She later assured the press that the cat was completely fine. We are hoping she was more careful with candles from that point on.



The hotel empire heiress and, of course, Paris Hilton’s sister, Nicky Hilton is a serious cat lover. Not only does she own a cat, but loves everything cat-themed. Most recently, she partnered with Smashbox Cosmetics to create her own line of makeup, inspired by cats.

These little sets contain shadow trios for smoky eyes, also known as cat-eyes, and – surprise, surprise! – they come in adorable little cat-shaped bag. Nicky also makes frequent cat-themed posts on her social network accounts. It’s not just pics of her cat, it’s also her saying “Happy National Cat Day” and reminding people that June is the Adopt A Kitty month.

She also wears a lot of accessories that are inspired by cats and once even wore an outfit that basically spelled “Catwoman.” Of course, like all the other celebrity cat lovers on our list, Nicky is frequently seen around with her cat, posing for photos or just taking a stroll with the kitty in the carrier or in her hands.



A lot of celebs that have cats really like to treat the cats like royalty. It’s almost as if they are their children, and Dita Von Teese really feels that way. She considers herself to be the mom of three cats. They are gorgeous and they are Devon Rex cats, which are pretty pricey if you get them from a top breeder.

When she wants to travel with the cats, she obviously does so in style. All of her cats have their own Louis Vuitton carriers and not only that, but all of them are individually monogrammed and personalized. Talk about spending a lot on your pets. Von Teese really doesn’t hold back and she spoils her felines rotten.

And having adorable and expensive cats really goes well with her whole sexy burlesque dancer style, at least we think so. Cats are infinitely sexier than dogs, anyway.



Just one look at Cameron Diaz and you kind of know that she is a cat person. Even the roles she plays would just lead you to believe that she loves cats. And she really does. Diaz has a cute and fuzzy little white cat. He looks like a little snow ball and he has a great name too.

The cat’s name is Little Man, and he is absolutely adorable. Just like many other celebrities with cats, Diaz loves to pamper her Little Man. She is known for her style and spends a lot of money and effort on always being dressed in the best clothes and she makes no exceptions for Little Man either.

Don’t be surprised if you see them somewhere together and the two are wearing matching outfits. According to sources, Diaz loves spending money on the cat and even gets custom clothes made for him all the time.



James Franco is a cat person because that’s the way he was raised. According to the actor, his family always had cats and he was always around them. So naturally, he always had his own cats after moving out on his own.

He also says that he believes that giving your cats cool names is very important. He, in particular, likes to name his cats after literary figures. Currently, he has two cats. One of them is named Zelda after Zelda Fitzgerald, and the other is named Sammy, after Sammy Glick from What Makes Sammy Run.

But that isn’t even the half of it. Sure, if you’re browsing his Instagram, you’ll definitely see a cat picture or two ever now and then, but Franco is so into cats that he actually created his own cat calendar for 2014. Now that’s what we call dedication and a true blue fan of felines.



Believe it or not, something cool came out of the Catwoman movie. Halle Berry is a great actress and close to 50 years old, is still one of the hottest women on the planet. But we absolutely have no idea what made her take the role of Catwoman in the 2004 movie. It was easily one of the worst movies of the last decade and it even won awards for being terrible.

If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what we’re talking about. Heck, not even the biggest cat lover would be able to find any redeeming qualities in the movie. But maybe Berry took the role because she is a cat lover. She has always loved cats and has had pet cats for many years.

Of course, many cats appeared in the movie, 43 to be exact. And Berry ended up adopting one of the cats that was trained to appear in the movie. And she named him Play Dough.



If Martha Stewart wasn’t a multi-millionaire, we’d probably consider her to be a creepy cat lady. But since she lives in a mansion and has room to spare, then it’s alright that she has so many. She probably has rooms that are just for cats.

And when we say that she loves her cats, we really mean it. There is no official count on how many she has, but let’s just say that it’s a lot. If she was going to have to pick though, Stewart would probably say that Himalayans were her favorite breed. The last time we checked, she had seven of them. Another interesting fact is that most of her Himalayans are named after famed classical music composers like Vivaldi and Verdi.

But she doesn’t stop there, of course. Martha has plenty more. Her favorites, which she always talks about in her shows and in interviews, are probably her two calico Persians, named Empress Tang and Princess Peony.



AnnaLynne McCord, best known for her role of Naomi Clark on 90210, is a major cat person. Considering she often plays vixen types, it kind of makes sense. Such types are usually pictured with a cat, the animal that suits their character best. In her personal life, though, AnnaLynne is far from the characters she plays.

Those who know her say that she’s a great, sweet girl who simply adores her cat, Mouse. McCord is frequently seen carrying her orange cat Mouse around, even to work. The cat rarely seems thrilled by the hassle, and we can only assume McCord’s coworkers and assistants are not too crazy about the idea either, but she loves him so much she probably doesn’t care one bit.

McCord was also the host of the first ever Catdance Festival, a festival within the famous Sundance Film Festival in Utah, in 2013. Catdance featured films and videos about cats, of course, and it was a big success.



Some people try to hide their obsession with cats (their own cats and all cats in general) because they’re trying to avoid the embarrassment of being labelled as a “crazy cat person.” Glee’s Jayma Mays, like some other celebrities featured in our list, doesn’t have a problem with that particular label.

In fact, she confesses she is one and that she talks about her cats pretty much all the time. Jayma’s cats are named Heidi and Fraulein and the actress got the inspiration from the names from the books about Heidi, of course, which she read a lot when she was a kid.

Both of them are rescues, and, according to Jayma, they are both mutts – although she refers to them as “nuts.” Fraulein is a calico and Heidi is a longhaired. They both live with Jayma and her husband Adam Campbell, but there is no question that they only have one real owner.



While Don Draper definitely seems like more of a dog person, the actor who did an amazing job portraying this TV icon, Jon Hamm, is actually a major cat lover. Interestingly, he is the only person on this list who doesn’t actually own a cat.

But he loves, loves, loves them, as he made clear at a recent Internet-themed panel show hosted by Comedy Central, called @midnight. In addition to wearing a sweet cat shirt, featuring a cat with sunglasses and words “Live In The Meow”, Hamm spoke in great lengths about his love for cats. Hamm said that the reason why he loves Internet are – cats. Not news, not porn (of course not!) – just cats.

He proceeded to sing praises to “the man’s best snuggle buddies” and also quizzed other guests on the panel about his favorite Internet spot, the Bodega Cats Tumblr page. If you ever needed another reason to fall completely in love with Jon Hamm (which we doubt), this is definitely the one.

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