15 things your Cat Does While You are At Work


Ask most owners what their cat does while they are at work and you will get a list of standard answers. The list will likely include sleeping, grooming, sleeping, eating, sleeping, staring out the window, and sleeping. It is said many cats reflect the personality of their owners, and that just may be true. But if they really could reflect their owner’s personalities however, they would be up to so much more. Let’s use our imaginations just a bit and explore a world where cats could exhibit human type behaviors. Here is a list of 14 things your cat might do while you are at work…if, of course, they could.

1. Post cute pictures of you on their Facebook page.

Cats are certainly hampered by a lack of fingers, but if they could, you bet they would be posting photos of you on their social media pages. Photos would likely include one of you lying on the couch, combing your hair, and playing Angry Birds. Their friends would tolerate the postings and add comments like “Cute”, “Awe!” and “Pretty!”.

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