What Can A DNA Test Tell You About Your Furry Friend?

There is so much we can learn about our furry feline friends just by observing their behavior, tracking their habits, and deciphering the little messages they send us through the subtle movements of their cuddly paws and their adorable purrs and meows. Still, there is a whole world of information about your favorite cat that only a DNA test can unlock. If you are wondering whether a cat DNA test can truly help you better understand your beloved friend, here are just a couple of aspects of your cat’s life that you can discover through DNA testing.

What Can A DNA Test Tell You About Your Furry Friend

Aristocat Or Just An Adorable Ball Of Fur

While the beauty, grace, and elegance of the feline species suggest that all kitties are royalty, some cats really are blue-blooded and some are just delightful creatures without an impressive pedigree. A DNA test can tell you whether your cat is purebred or a mixed breed and provide details about the genetic combo that makes him or her so unique.

Exploring The Family Tree

You may know your friend’s mom and dad and in some cases, you may have even had the chance to get to know his/her kitty grandparents, but what about the more distant ancestors? Well, the best cat DNA tests can help you learn all about your friend’s family tree. Imagine being able to look into your cat’s family history and get to know all the wonderful kitties whose genes make up the quilt of your friend’s personality – it is a journey you do not want to miss.

A Healthy Kitty Is A Happy Kitty

Apart from unraveling the mysteries of your cat’s past, DNA tests can help you get a glimpse into the future of your beloved pet. Namely, what these tests can do is tell you whether there is a chance that your cat may develop certain illnesses in the future. While it is always sad to hear that your kitty may get ill, it is important to know what kind of symptoms you should look out for, so you can provide your cat with adequate and timely treatment and help him/her overcome any health issues and stay healthy and playful for a long, long time.

A Healthy Kitty Is A Happy Kitty

A Match Made In Kitty Heaven

What we find particularly exciting is that the best cat DNA tests can give you a personal profile of your pet and inform you about more than 15 of his/her most prominent traits, including blood type, morphology, and coat coloration and type. This can be particularly useful if you are looking for a perfect mate for your friend. Personal profiles can help you determine whether your kitty and his or her love interest are compatible and thus, whether you should approve of their kitty marriage. If you have got a good match, it is more than likely that their offspring will be perfectly healthy little balls of fur that can melt your heart in a single gaze. What more can a cat person hope for?