This Is Why Your Cat Is Crazy About Laser Pointers


Animal experts agree that cats love nothing more than to chase red dots produced by laser pointers because the rapid movement of the laser pointer triggers their hunting instincts.

Predators as they are, cats are determined to slay that red dot and that’s why they will relentlessly chase it around the house, jumping on furniture and pouncing all over the floor.

However, even though all of this looks like a harmful game to you, it seems that cats aren’t enjoying laser pointer playtime as much as you believe they are.

Some animal behaviorists claim that this game is actually quite frustrating for the cat, seeing as they will never be able to really capture the dot. Basically, they can’t feel the satisfaction that comes with capturing the prey and can end up severely stressed.

On the other hand, playing with laser pointers can be quite fun for your cat if you follow three basic rules.

  1. The laser pointer shouldn’t be your cat’s only toy. They need to have a wide range of toys that can satisfy all their needs.
  2. Point the red dot on one of your cat’s other toys and give her the chance to capture the ‘prey.’
  3. Never ever shine the pointer in your cat’s eyes (or anyone’s eyes, for that matter) because this can cause serious damage to your cat’s sight.