This Is Why Halloween Can Be A Dangerous Time For Cats


Halloween is a fun holiday for folks of all ages. For kids, it’s the opportunity to consume sweets until their stomachs begin to ache. For adults, it’s putting on wacky masks and having a few too many at Halloween parties. Unfortunately, this holiday is full of hazards for our feline friends.

This is because, throughout history, cats and especially black cats have been associated with evil and witchcraft. People also believed that witches themselves could transform into cats, and these superstitious ideas have led to countless cases of violence against innocent animals. For this reason, a lot of shelters do not allow the adoption of black cats during October.

Also, with all the chaos and noise going on, it’s natural for kitties to feel incredibly scared. Not to mention that a stray firecracker can often end up under a car or some other place where cats often seek shelter.

The safest thing you can do is keep your cat inside during Halloween celebrations, and always keep an eye on your furry friend. Finally, be extra careful not to let your pet slip out the door while giving sweets to trick-or-treating children.