This Is Why Cats Follow Us To Bathrooms


It’s a question commonly asked because it happens to nearly every cat owner in the world. Cats will generally follow you around the house from time to time, but you can be sure that they will always find themselves in the bathroom with you. There are exceptions, as with all things, but the general opinion is that they love bathrooms. But why?

Well, there are many theories, but studies have shown that there are several factors that can help us understand this specific aspect of feline behavior. Curiosity killed the cat, they say, and that’s most probably the main reason you should focus on. Every single corner of the house is accessible, and yet you always close the door behind you when you enter that special room – of course, they will come to investigate.

Another reason could be that cats despise being ignored – sorry, but only they are allowed to ignore you. And when you close the bathroom door, your kitty will think you’re trying to get away from them for a while. Also, remember that cats love routine, and they also enjoy imitating some of the things you do every day. Going to the bathroom seems like a good example of this, don’t you think?