This Cat Is Now The Proud Mom Of A Baby Lynx


Although we all know that cats are exceptional mothers, it doesn’t happen often that a domesticated kitty adopts a wild cat. However, that didn’t stop this particular feline from adopting her very own baby lynx named Nika and taking care of her as if she gave birth to her.

When a Russian zookeeper at Novosibirsk zoo realized that the cub was abandoned by her mother and that she was not likely to survive, he came up with the idea to introduce Nika to a pet cat. Though the two may seem like an unlikely duo, the zookeeper was right: another employee brought her cat, who had just given birth, to the zoo and put her in the cage with Nika.

The mother cat was hesitant at first but once her instincts kicked in, she started feeding and grooming her new cub. Check out this adorable family here: