These Five Kittens Have Found The Perfect Mom In Penny The Chihuahua


When Penny the Chihuahua gave birth to her first and only child, she was desperate to learn that her pup was stillborn. Her owners tried to comfort her, but Penny was simply not the happy dog she was prior to the tragic event.

Days went on and Penny howled through each and every night. Her humans knew they had to do something to help their dog, so they called Cat’s Cradle rescue in pursuit of an answer as to what they could do to ease Penny’s pain. While Penny was stricken with grief, five newborn kittens lost their mother and were in desperate need of someone to look after them. It was a long shot, but Penny’s humans wanted to give this unlikely family a shot.

The moment they introduced the Chihuahua and the kittens, everyone in the room became aware that they were to live happily ever after. Ever since the day she met her new babies, Penny has been a happy and devoted mother. She doesn’t want to leave their side ever and only gets up to eat and go to the bathroom. Other than that, she spends every waking hour taking care of her little ones.