The Potential Danger of Cat Toys


Cats love playtime. Besides lazing around the house, it is their favorite thing to do. Often, their playtime will involve toys that you bought or repurposed for them. However, it is important to remember that many toys (in fact, most of them) can pose a risk for the kitty and you need to be careful when they are playing with them.

For instance, some of the most common kitty toys such as string, yarn and ribbon can pose a hazard as the cat can get tangled and suffocate itself. They can also swallow these and experience intestinal blockage. If you notice a string or something coming out of either end of your cat, do not try to pull it out. Call a vet at once.

Store-bought toys for cats can also pose a risk, even though they are supposedly made for cats. They have small parts that can break off and that can be swallowed by the cat. Stuffed animals are also a risk as the cat can rip them open and then eat the stuffing.

One thing that we would like you to remember is that while there is need to be careful, it is also much more likely that your cat will play with its toys without hurting itself in any way. We don’t mean to make you paranoid or something.