Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Litter Box


No one likes cleaning the litter box but it is something that every cat owner needs to do regularly. And when we say regularly, we mean scooping at least once a day and cleaning it thoroughly once a week. Scooping is a straight-forward enough operation, but for cleaning, you might do well with some pro tips.

The first thing to do is to put on a mask and gloves. Do not clean your cat’s litter box without a mask. It protects you from particles that will get in the air and which can cause toxoplasmosis. If you are pregnant, do not clean the litter box. Ever.

Depending on whether your litter box features a lining or not, you will be putting the liner or the entire contents of the box in a trash bag that needs to be sealed straight away and carried outside. If anything is spilled, make sure you collect all of it.

You should then use warm water and detergent to clean the box thoroughly. Do not use anything more aggressive than simply dish detergent as it can be harmful for the kitty. Scrub, rinse and repeat. You can let it air dry or use a towel of some kind. And there you have it!