Say Hello To Nitama, Japan’s Second Feline Station Master


Following the death of Japan’s best known and most loved cat Tama in June, the country’s railway – famous for its feline stationmaster – announced it would find an equally adorable successor to the position and they have finally found the perfect cat for the job – she’s even fine with wearing hats.

Her name is Nitama and she already has an impressive work experience. The five-year-old feline previously served as the stationmaster at Idakiso Station before becoming Tama’s deputy at Kishi. Although everyone knew she was the right fit for the job, her appointment came 50 days after Tama’s death because that’s how long the traditional mourning period in Japan lasts.

Wakayama Electric Railway president Mitsunobu Kokima said that the main reason for her appointment was that she ‘had teaching experience from Tama directly,’ even though Hitofumi Ino, a spokesperson for the Ryobi Group, said that Nitama outshined all other candidates.

Ino said that she is one of a few cats in Japan who ‘doesn’t dislike hats’ and particularly praised her good looks and relationship with humans. Nitama now holds the future of the station in her paws, and we’re certain that she will do an amazing job, just like Tama taught her.