Russian Blue

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

Though no one knows for sure when the Russian Blue originated or when the cat was brought to the rest of Europe, there are several stories that explain where this breed came from. One of the most widely accepted theories is that sailors from the White Sea port town of Archangel brought the breed to Great Britain in 1986. No one, however, can be sure whether the Russian Blue originated in that area or not. Whatever the case, they are here and they are adorable.


Russian Blue cats are quite gentle creatures. They love to play and cuddle with their humans, but can be a bit standoffish when strangers are around. Once unfamiliar people leave the house, Russian Blues will return to whatever it was they were doing before guests arrived. Even though they are active and love chasing toys and laser beams, these cats are not troublesome or annoying, on the contrary; they really want to be involved in family activities, but won’t bother you when they realize you don’t want to play. These smiling cats, however, strongly dislike changes in their environment, filthy litter boxes and disruptions in their meal schedule. Other than that, Russian Blues are amazing companions: polite cats with a sweet temperament and a whole lotta love to give.