Ragdoll Cat

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

It’s not uncommon to be oblivious to the origin of a breed and the Ragdoll is yet another cat whose development remains a mystery to the world. There are several accounts of the breed’s development and all of them include a car accident in the early 1960s. Namely, it seems that the breed came to existence after the foundation cat, whose name was Josephine, was hit by a car. Though some breeders believe that the accident had an impact on all her following litters and others think that Josephine’s genes were somehow genetically modified, the truth is that the Ragdoll is probably the result of years of selective breeding.


The Ragdoll is one of the most obedient breeds known to man, a trait that will appease many feline lovers. They have a sweet personality and even sweeter temperament, which makes them perfect companions and indoor pets. This breed doesn’t demand constant attention but loves to play with their humans. The Ragdoll is also super friendly toward other pets and children and quickly adapts to new environments, meaning they will easily fit into any household. Their traits may sound too good to be true, but these lovely cats are really one of the kindest and most affectionate breeds out there.