Office Lets Workers “Check Out” Cats


There’s a county government office in southwest America that actually has a cat library. What does this mean? It means that you are allowed to check out cats to play with at your desk while you are working! The cats really have it great here. The cats have amazing condos built for them and they are constantly interacting with workers.

But the real reason for this is simple. The more people coming into the office see these adorable cats, the greater the chances that they will eventually be adopted. And it works. It’s actually a great initiative in many ways. The office has more than 800 employees, so all of the cats are always hanging out with someone.

This initiative has not only improved employee satisfaction, it has also helped to get over 100 cats adopted! The county works with a local animal shelter and this process of keeping them in the office first helps the cats become socialized before they are adopted.