Ocicat Cat

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

The first ever Ocicat was developed in 1964 when Michigan breeder Virginia Daly wanted to create a Siamese cat that would share some of the characteristics of the Abyssinian cat, eventually resulting in Abyssinian-pointed Siamese cats. However, that same litter also produced an unusual-looking male kitten that was later named Tonga. Tonga was an ivory cat with golden spots, and he was the first Ocicat ever. The breed got its name after ocelot, the spotted wild cat.


These cats may look like their wild cousins, but they are one of the most affectionate breeds in existence. They get incredibly attached to their owners in no time and enjoy learning tricks, including coming on command, something that few cats want to do. Even though they are friendly creatures, Ocicats fall madly in love with one human and want to spend most of their time with their preferred owner.

This breed gets along great with other pets, especially if they are left alone for longer periods of time. Energetic, playful and curious, Ocicats will explore every corner of your home and they will thrive on activity and attention. You can be certain that you will not have a dull moment in your life when you share your home with an Ocicat, they are really that fun to be around.