Name That Cat: 12 Cat Related Songs and Artists

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Have you ever considered how many songs have “cat” in the title, the lyrics, the singer’s name or are about cats of all kinds? We haven’t either…until now. Turns out, there may be more than you realize. We’ve combed the charts to find these popular songs and artists that might just get a tune going in your head. Get ready to amaze and amuse your friends with this list of 12 songs and song related titles that are somehow “cat” related:

1. Honky Cat: Elton John

This 1972 top 10 single from Elton John is actually about a guy who forsakes his “redneck ways” to move to the big city. The bouncy tune has nothing to do with felines however, and appeared as the first track on Elton’s Honky Chateau album.

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