Meet The Cats That Stay Kittens Forever


Cat lovers will love their cat from the day they get it to the day they have to say goodbye to it, there is no doubt about that. However, even the most ardent feline aficionados will agree that kittens are about gazillion times cuter than grown-up cats. Well, how about a breed that stays kitten-like forever?

The name of the breed is the sand cat and it is endemic to Central Asia and North Africa. It is also the most incredible sight ever, with a large head, huge eyes and all the other features that make kittens so cute and adorable.

And while sand cats are just impossibly cute, they are also quite feisty, hunting vipers in the wild and living their lives as expert snake destroyers.

Unfortunately for all of us, they are endangered because people are dumb and it will be more than a few decades before you can get one of them as a pet.