Meet Gladstone, The New Mouser Of Whitehall


There will be an addition to the two-cat army of mousers around Whitehall as the Treasury gets its own cat in the form of an adorable eighteen-month-old feline named Gladstone.

Gladstone will be joining Larry and Palmerston, who have been most efficient in keeping the government safe from mice. The newest feline addition is completely black with an admirable disposition and he’s named after former Prime Minister and Chancellor William Ewart Gladstone.

The beautiful cat has been adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. He was a stray before getting such a prestigious job at the Treasury. Needless to say that the arrival of Gladstone has caused some discontent from the Parliament, whose members still remain without a furry protector.

According to staff members from Battersea, Gladstone is very strong and a great hunter, not to mention that he loves people and is extremely cuddly. Looks like the Treasury will be getting some much-needed cat love – when their mouser isn’t too busy doing his job, of course.