Meet Dusty The Kleptomaniac Cat (VIDEO)


Cats used to be hunters and their predator instincts sometimes rise to the surface in the craziest ways. In the case of Dusty, a cat from San Mateo in California, it surfaced in the form of night-time kleptomaniac excursions into the neighborhood.

His owners were the first to notice his clothes-stealing habits when some of their clothing started disappearing. Dusty didn’t stop there. He branched out and after a while, he started bringing home clothes from all over the neighborhood. He would bring a glove, a towel, swimming trunks. He once brought home a bikini. In two trips. He always made sure that the outfit was as complete as possible.

Experts who were consulted about Dusty’s strange behavior say that they are not sure as to what caused the cat to become a thief, but they think that it is probably a neurological cause. One of the experts told the media that it looked like some sort of cat OCD.