Meet Didga, The Cat Who Thinks She’s A Dog


We all know that dogs are the absolute winners in terms of training, seeing as they are naturally obedient and inclined to imitate their human friends.

But what if we were to tell you there is a cat sweeping the Internet lately with her ability to do pretty much anything you could think of? Well, meed Didga, the tabby cat that grew up with dogs and probably got her confidence by hanging out with them and mimicking their behavior.

Didga was originaly in an animal shelter, but when Robert Dollwet, a dog trainer and her current proud owner showed up, he couldn’t help but feel impressed by her because she was doing all she could do to get his attention.

She can now ride a skateboard, do tricks on command, ride dogs, balance on moving boats, use the toilet, flush the toilet, ride in a bike, walk on a leash and god knows what else.

See the video below for a full list of things Didga can do, and believe us – it’s pretty fascinating.