Manchester Cat Cafe May Just Be Offering The Best Volunteer Opportunity Ever


If you’ve got nothing better to do on Thursday, July 28th, you might as well go and cuddle some kitties. Manchester is getting its first cat café and they need volunteers to come in and spend some time with their bundles of joy before the café officially opens.

Ellie and Sophie Close are sisters and creators of this enterprise, and they strongly believe that their cat café will be of great therapeutic value for all those with stressful jobs and lives, or just love cats. The sisters have already been cats owners for years, so they are well versed in their personalities and behavior patterns, so they’re not getting into this unprepared.

The café will offer both meal menu and tea time, so you can come here and enjoy a cup of tea with a cuddly feline or you can play with the kittens after you’ve finished your lunch. The cats will even have a cat nanny, so both you and them will be very well taken care of. Honestly, we can’t wait for this to happen!