Kitten Finds Forever Home And New Furry Dad


In a completely unexpected turn of events, a tiny stray kitten found herself in front of the loving home of a beautiful White Swiss shepherd named Alto and his human and knew this was the place she would love to call home.

Even though some cats, not to mention kittens, would be terrified to approach Alto, this sweet furball was determined to stay – she was desperately meowing until Alto’s human decided to let her in the house (mind you, it didn’t take him long to fall in love with this little girl).

He might have had his doubts that Alto and the cat whom he named Apache wouldn’t get along, but the moment the two met, they formed an incredible bond and the pooch now takes care of her as if she were his very own pup. He is Apache’s mom and dad at the same time and he takes his new role very seriously. Check out this loving family here: