Is Henry The Oldest Cat In The World?


If you met Henry, you would never guess how old he actually is. His long life is equivalent to 137 human years, which means he is “only” thirty years old, according to Mirror. Yes, you read it correctly; 30 years.

His loving mom, Sally Brown, who was a veterinarian nurse, decided her beautiful ginger oldie should be in the Guinness Book of Records, so she even started a campaign to make this happen. Henry definitely deserves the spotlight as the world’s oldest cat and we have to say that he looks amazing despite approaching his 30th birthday. He does have some sight and teeth problems but is, all in all, a healthy kitty.

Miss Brown adopted Henry from a rescue center in 1986, and if she succeeds in substantiating her claim with pictures, Henry will enter the World Book of Records as the oldest cat alive. His mom has fifteen other cats and many of them are older than 15 years, so she’s definitely doing something right. When asked what her secret is, Miss Brown replied that she gives them a lot of attention and feeds them special kinds of food. The bottom line is that Henry is pushing thirty and looking fabulous, so it would seem that some cats indeed have nine lives.