How to Keep Your Cat Properly Hydrated


Just like with humans, hydration is very important with cats. A cat’s body is 80 percent water, and this water is incredibly important to processes like digestion and circulation. That’s why your cat needs to drink enough water.

This is especially important when the weather is hot. Hot weather can result in fluid level drops, which can be harmful for the cat. Not only hot weather, but also increased activity or sickness can lead to dehydration. If your cat is sick and vomiting or has diarrhea, this can result in dehydration as well.

So, how much water does your cat need? A general rule for adult cats is that they should be drinking the same amount of water in mililiters as the number of kcal they eat each day.

If your cat has problems with dehydration, canned food is usually better for them than dry food. While dry food only contains about 10 percent water, canned food can contain up to 80 percent.