Here’s Why Your Cat’s Coat Isn’t Shiny



If you notice that your cat’s coat is dull or that its skin is dry, then you should take heed. It usually means that your cat is not that healthy.

Most of the time, the reason for your cat’s coat not being shiny is bad nutrition. This means that your cat probably isn’t eating well enough. If you want your cat to have a shiny coat and healthy skin, then you really need to make sure that its diet is well balanced. Cats need all of the same things that you need to stay healthy – they need proteins, carbs and fats. If your cat is not eating healthy food, then its appearance and health suffers.

Another reason for having a dull coat is age. When cats get old, there is a good chance that their coats can lose their shine. Bathing your cat too often is another thing that can lead to a dull coat, so don’t overdo it.