Here’s Why Your Cat Likes To Lick You


If you’ve ever wondered why your cat licks you from time to time, or even thought licking is something you should be concerned about, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal cat behavior, and it is usually associated with something positive.

For instance, if you get a tongue bath from your cat, in most cases that means they feel totally safe in your presence – you are an important part of their lives and a strong member of their family. They feel the need to reinforce this feeling even further by cleaning you, just like their mother cleaned them when they were kittens.

Also, your cat might literally be cleaning you, maybe they picked up a scent they don’t like or noticed a spot of dirt even you haven’t noticed. Not to worry, your cat will help you with that, just as they would clean a feline friend.

However, do pay attention – if your cat is licking you compulsively and excessively, it might be a sign of anxiety. Find a way to distract them, and if the problem persists, you might have to visit a vet. There’s this thing called feline hyperesthesia, and trust us, you don’t wan’t to deal with that.