Here’s Why You Should Be Flattered When Your Cat Puts Their Paw On Your Arm


There’s this common misconception that cats are selfish little creatures who couldn’t care less about their owners. In order to dispel this myth, we are now going to tell you what it actually means when cats put their paws on your hands while napping and we guarantee that you will be surprised as to how much felines love us when you finish reading this article.

Well, first of all, cats are the ultimate hedonists in the animal kingdom and they really like to be warm and snug. When they lie in your lap and put their tiny paw on your arm (or even leg), it means that they feel safe and comfortable enough to doze off in your presence.

But that’s not all. This is their special way of saying that they love you and that they miss you when you are gone all day. Your cat wants to be close to you and is basically imitating human behavior, including holding hands and hugging. Now, if this isn’t adorable, we really don’t know what is.

And there’s also the whole scent thing. When they touch you with their paws, they are actually leaving their scent on you, which means that they are claiming you as their own. They want other cats to know that you belong to them and them alone. Aww.