Here’s Why Cats Are So Scared Of Cucumbers


A recent viral video showed that cats are really scared of cucumbers for some reason. As a matter of fact, they are absolutely terrified: as soon as they see one, they want to get out of the room as fast as possible. So, why does this happen and why are they scared of cucumbers of all things? Why is this green gourd the enemy?

Well, scientists seem to suggest that it isn’t just cucumbers and that it doesn’t matter if it’s a cucumber or not. None of these cats experienced trauma associated to cucumbers before and yet all of them look terrified. Dr Roger Mugford, a specialist in animal behaviour, claims that the reaction is due to unexpectedness and finding an object that was secretly put next to them when they weren’t paying attention. To put it simply, the cucumbers in question appeared out of nowhere.

Cats are naturally cautious creatures and they owe their survival to alertness as well as the ability to escape danger as quickly as possible (i.e. climbing a tree). So, don’t secretly put big green objects next to your kitty when they aren’t looking – it may be fun to you, but they literally perceive such situations as matters of life or death.