Check Out This Innovative Solution For “Feral Cat” Adoption


There’s a growing concern about the percentage of cats from American shelters finding a forever home because there’s a large number of free-roaming cats that end up “behind bars” and are shortly after scheduled for euthanasia. These cats are referred to as “feral cats,” and many shelters are looking at alternative measures for dealing with them.

The main reason behind their low adoption rates is the fact that they are usually traumatized and/or too shy to appease potential owners – if people come to shelters and see cats that are hissing and clawing at pretty much everybody that passes by, nobody can really blame them for not wanting to take those cats home.

However, the Parker shelter in Texas is working hard on adapting feral cats to make them more suitable for adoption by ranchers, farmers, and other rural residents. How? Simple, these cats are made into mousers. It’s basically a winning outcome for both sides – the cats are free to roam as much as they like and the owners have their rodent population greatly reduced.

So, if you happen to be in the area, and are looking for a sturdy, agile, and independent cat that will take care of those pesky rodents, drop by the Parker animal shelter and get yourself a real rodent-hunter!