Birman Cat

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Bond with Owners

Like with many centuries-old breeds, legends and myths surround the origin of the Birman cat. According to one of the romanticized tales, white cats lived in the Buddhist temples in Burma (currently known as Myanmar) and were regarded as sacred: they were thought to be carrying the souls of late priests.

One of the priests, who was also a worshipper of the goddess of transmutation, Tsim-Kyan-Kse, was inseparable from his faithful feline named Sinh. When the temple was raided one day, the priest was deadly injured. His cat, however, put his paws on the priest’s head and faced the statue of the goddess.

What happened was that his white fur turned to a wonderful golden hue, his face, tail, and limbs became the color of the earth and his eyes became sapphire blue. Sinh’s paws remained white, though, in order to represent the spirit of his owner.

Miraculously, all cats in the temple underwent the same transformation and that’s how the Birman cat was born. Sadly, the original Burman didn’t eat or drink for the following seven days and eventually died.

Modern stories, on the other hand, only state that Birman cats were either bought or received as gifts from the country.


Birmans are exceptionally kind cats. They are loyal pets and companions and they enjoy the company of people. Due to the fact that they were temple cats, Birmans know that they are special and require lots and lots of affection, as well as adoration. We can’t blame them, though, they really are majestic creatures. Moreover, Birman cats are highly intelligent and will easily learn commands and tricks. Since they are well-known for their docile temperament, they are easy to take care of and teach how to behave. Birmans really are ideal pets for almost everyone – if you want a dignified cat who will shower you with unconditional love, this is the breed for you.