Bengal Cat

Energy Level
Bond with Owners

This adorable miniature-leopard-looking cat came to existence somewhat accidentally. The first know Bengal cat was born when Californian breeder Jean Mill adopted a domestic cat to keep company with her Asian leopard cat, which could be bought in the States at the time. Though only one kitten survived, the little girl defied all odds, grew up and produced more kittens of her own. The rest is history.


Even though the Bengal cat looks like a miniature wild cat, breeders and owners alike agree that these cats are as sweet and docile as any other domesticated cat breed. However, unlike many breeds, the Bengal cat is super playful, friendly and frisky. They are as curious as it gets and want to explore every corner of your home. They are also extremely devoted to their humans and want to be part of the family. Bengal cats even appreciate some quality water time and will occasionally show the desire to jump into the tub or pool, especially if their humans are already in there.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when getting a Bengal cat is their potential temperament problems, meaning that the average owner should purchase cats that are four generations away (F4) from the leopard cat. There’s nothing wrong with second (F2) or third generation (F3) Bengal cats, but they may exhibit some behavioral problems due to their relation to wild cats.