Australia Defends Their Atrocious Plan To Kill Two Million Feral Cats


Australian officials somehow still believe that the best way to deal with feral cats is to kill them in inexplicably cruel ways, such as using poison and deadly traps. They even had the nerve to write open letters to animal rights activists, claiming that there is nothing else they could do to protect threatened species.

Australia’s threatened species commissioner Gregory Andrews addressed the letters to actress Brigitte Bardot and singer Morrissey, both of whom are known cat lovers, and told them that feral cats have been a ‘major contributor’ to the extinction of some 27 species in Australia during the past two centuries.

He described those species as “delightful creatures, rich in importance in Australian indigenous culture, and formerly playing important roles in the ecology of our country’’ and concluded that ‘’we don’t want to lose any more species like these.”

We can all agree that protecting endangered species should be top priority in every country in the world, but what Mr. Andrews obviously doesn’t understand is that we are not on this planet to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. Cats are equally important to the ecosystem as any other animal out there and killing 2 million (!!!) feral cats can never, ever be justified.

Thankfully, some big names in the entertainment industry agree with us and are not willing to keep their voices down when it comes to the killing of 2 million innocent souls. When Australia’s environment minister Greg Hunt announced this dreadful plan in July, 81-year-old Bardot was the first to react.

She said that the plan was scandalous and added that “this animal genocide is inhuman and ridiculous.” And she told Australia what any normal human being would tell them: neuter the cats instead of killing them. Morrissey, the hero of the cat universe, agreed with Bardot and called the Australian government “a committee of sheep farmers who have zero concerns about animal welfare or animal respect.”