21 Tips For First-Time Cat Owners


Once you decide to adopt a cat, you need to be aware that being a feline owner is a decade-long commitment. Cats are independent little creatures with a lot of personality but that doesn’t mean that they can take care of themselves, especially if they were adopted at an early age.

Since you are their beloved human, it is completely up to you to make sure that they have absolutely everything they need, including the best possible veterinary care, high-quality food, engaging toys, litter, brushes and scratching posts. To cut a long story short, here are 21 tips for inexperienced cat owners:


Before your new furry friend even enters your home, you have to prepare everything for their arrival, which includes purchasing everything they need in order to get used to their new surroundings and feel safe and comfortable.

The basic cat kit includes high-quality food (don’t forget about treats), food and water bowls, litter box and litter, toys, brushes, a scratching post, a carrier and a bed (chances are, however, that your cat will find another cozy place for their long naps, and you have to decide whether they will be allowed to sleep anywhere they want or train them to use their own bed).

When you finally bring them home, give them enough time and space to investigate every corner of your house or apartment, including their new things. They may not know what to do in the beginning or what is expected of them, but they will learn everything with a little help of their new humans – just be patient and kind and they will become the king or queen of your castle in no time.

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