21 Signs Your Kitty Owns You


Owning a cat is beautiful; it is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself. They are these quiet companions that are not mere puppets like some other pets. They are their own personalities who know what they want and who show certain independence that is just endearing.

Of course, these positive characteristics have another side to them and that is the stubbornness and the whole “couldn’t care less” attitude that can often be infuriating. Temporarily, though. Later, you just laugh when you remember those times when your cat let you know that it owns you and not the other way around.

1. Oh, You Want To Type Something? Nah.

There is something about cats and computers, especially laptops. You will often find your cat curled up next to it or on top of it, and during winter months, this is perfectly understandable. It is cold and the computer generates that pleasant warmth that cats find so cozy.

But, what’s the explanation for summer months when you would expect your cat to go looking for cooler spots? Nope, it’s still there, walking all over the keyboard, especially if you are planning on doing some typing.

It is as if cats are genetically conditioned to detest the sound and the look of their owner typing at the keyboard. Perhaps they have something to tell us? Perhaps they are letting us know that the world does not care about every single opinion that we have? Or maybe that’s just a way to show us who’s the boss? We wouldn’t put it past them.

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