21 Human Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat


Sometimes people love their pets so much they want to share everything with them. You might think it’s okay to share your bed with your cat, but sharing your food with your beloved feline companion is definitely far more dangerous. There are many foods that are perfectly fine for human consumption but pose a significant health hazard for cats.

Read on and find out which ones we’re talking about.


Many (if not most) cat owners know that chocolate is not a suitable treat for cats. However, there’s always a chance someone who doesn’t know a lot about cats will offer your cat a piece of chocolate, believing he’s giving him a special treat. This is dangerous and should be discouraged.

Chocolate can actually be lethal for cats. It’s not because of the sugar content, and it’s not even because of the cocoa. It’s because of an agent called theobromine. This substance is found in all types of chocolate – the dark ones with a high percentage of cocoa, and the regular ones with plenty of milk. Even white chocolate contains it.

Theobromine is safe for humans and even for some animals, but it’s very dangerous for cats. It may cause abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, tremors, and even death. So, make sure neither you or any of your family, friends and acquaintances give your cat any chocolate, ever.

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