21 Celebrity Cat Lovers


Being head over heals in love with cats is not something that’s reserved for us regular folk. In fact, there are tons of celebrities who are cat-obsessed as well.

Here are some Holywood’s most prominent fans of the feline species.


Taylor Swift makes headlines almost every day but a couple of months ago her cat Meredith got her five minutes of glory too. Meredith and Taylor appeared together in a YouTube video to promote her nomination for the Entertainer of the Year American Country Music Award. Of course, it was adorable.

Meredith, whose full name is Meredith Grey (after, you guessed it, the main character on Grey’s Anatomy) is not Swift’s only cat. The singer also has a cat named Olivia Benson, after the character from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Apparently, Swift passes most of her free time watching quality television. And who can blame her – both Meredith and Olivia are great, complex female characters.

And those who follow Taylor Swift on social media, especially her Twitter account, already know that the singer has a great affection for her feline friends. Pretty much every other picture she posts features them in some adorable situation.

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